bartlettCongressman Bartlett tried to warn Carroll County Republicans it was happening back in June 2014.  What was “it”?

It was the fact that democrat-party, government-union types realized they can’t win elections in Carroll County as democrats.   So what did they do?  Their candidates simply switched parties and ran as republicans.   Then they got their government-union buddies to switch parties and vote, en mass, for them in the primary elections.  Here’s a document to prove it. It’s from the CCEA – the Carroll County Education Association, instructing their members to switch from the democrat to republican party and vote for their liberal, pro-government-union candidates.

Congressman Bartlett recorded a phone message that was sent to registered republicans.  Here’s a recording of his call.  

Did you listen to Congressman Bartlett?  Now for “fun”, listen to a couple liberals (registered as Republicans) who called us to complain about the call they received from the Congressman.
She’s very offended by the phone call.  
 Listen to the Congressman’s call, then listen to hers.  Who’s offensive and rude???  Not to mention wrong on ALL counts?
He’s taking his complaints to the ultra-left-kook-wing Carroll County Times to “short circuit” us.  
Do those voters sound like conservative republicans to  you?   These are the people we’re up against right now…

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