The Conservative response to filling the District 5 Delegate Seat

The Central Committee’s conservative minority members are trying to protect the Constitution and the duties of Central Committee members.  Here is a copy of a note they sent D5 Delegate Seat applicants.  It was sent in response to Matt Helminiak’s letter to the same.

Wednesday you may have received an email from Matt Helminiak, Secretary for the Republican Central Committee. If so, it has several factual errors and misrepresentations. We four members of the committee are and have been committed to a fair and open process but it continues to elude us. Therefore, we strongly
encourage you to contact the Governor’s office on your own behalf to ensure that your  application for the D5 seat now receives full consideration since our committee chose not to meet and make its own recommendation to fill the vacant seat.

The legal case Matt referred to in no way prevented the Central Committee from meeting and fulfilling its duty to recommend a name or names to the Governor. We also have no way of knowing whether it was a unanimous decision at this point. The injunction in place, lifted Monday, simply prevented the committee from recommending multiple names to the Governor. We were always willing to meet to make our decision regardless of the decision of the court. As we awaited the hearing, we urged our chairman on numerous occasions to conduct the interviews and we would hold our final vote after Monday (taking just a few minutes.)

We followed an identical process in filling the D4 seat. Chairman Jones refused to call that meeting and now the Governor will decide, within 15 days, who is best to represent us in the legislature.

We will not dismiss the case despite pressure from the majority. Not only is it disrespectful to the court, but it would also prevent the court from issuing a full written opinion on the Constitutional issues at stake – our real purpose.

The Governor has 15 days from today to make his appointment. Here is the contact information you need to advocate for your appointment.

Good luck and thank you for your time and effort in this process.

Kathy Fuller, Melissa Caudill, Amy Gilford and Jim Reter, Carroll County Central Committee Members

James D. Fielder, Jr. , Ph.D., Secretary of Appointments
Chris Cavey , Deputy Secretary of Appointments
Jennifer Barker Jefferson, Executive Assistant
Kim L. Crispino, Special Assistant
Jeffrey P. Horsley, Special Assistant
Vacancy, Special Assistant
Fred L. Wineland Building, 5th floor
16 Francis St., Annapolis, MD 21401 – 1925
(410) 974-2611; fax: (410) 974-2456

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