Thank You Commissioner Rothschild

Commissioner Rothschild is one of the few elected officials I’ve seen in my life that keeps his promises.

Liberals oppose him because he uses his knowledge and expertise to advance values that made our country great; honesty, integrity, fiscal responsibility, and an understanding of the state and federal constitutions. He exemplifies the ideal that elected officials are fiduciaries and public trustees. These are not sound bites. They are fundamental character traits every elected official must possess.

Commissioner Rothschild values education and our children. He believes parents should decide where their children go to school. He believes local parents should control education, not the federal government and Common Core. Most importantly he has proven he makes decisions based on principles rather than populist whims.

Rothschild repeatedly asked the Board of Education to reduce infrastructure costs and overhead because of declining enrollments. Consequently, the Board of Education attacked Rothschild because he is trying to fulfill his duties to his constituents by questioning the BoE’s endless demands for more taxpayer money though enrollment is steadily declining.

Rothschild is arguably the only remaining commissioner willing to stand-up for fiscal responsibility. He places principles first and is willing to risk popularity in order to protect the financial well-being of our government, schools, and taxpayers.

The write-in candidate’s website says nothing about his position on finance, budgeting, gun-rights, property rights, government mandates, or waste disposal. Nothing! We do know he is a lifelong democrat that recently re-registered as a Republican specifically to oppose conservatives during the primary. His claim that teachers haven’t received any increases for five years is a bald face lie. During the past three years, most teachers received a step increase; a 2.5% bonus; and a 3% bonus. I’m sick and tired of the one-sided propaganda spread by liberal candidates that are nothing but impostors who lie and deceive the people. Naturally, if the write-in candidate blatantly lies and deceives voters by switching political parties then why should any sane person believe the write-in candidate would govern any differently?

Rothschild has governed with integrity. Dan Bongino described him as, “the model for what all Republicans should strive for in Maryland“. Ellen Sauerbrey said, “Rothschild understands what made America great and fights tirelessly to preserve the fundamental principles of limited government and personal freedom. He has demonstrated great courage under fire”.

I agree with Dan and Ellen.

Thank you Commissioner Rothschild.

Scott Strzelczyk

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