Should an “R” behind the name make a difference?

An open letter from Keep Carroll Conservative to Senator Joe Getty:

Dear Senator Getty,

Screen shot as of Jan 22, 2015.  Click to see full image.  Make a mental note of "date of service" for his current role.

Screen shot as of Jan 22, 2015. Click to see full image. Make a mental note of “date of service” for his current role.

We ask you to please help us understand the inconsistencies in the Hogan administration talking points for the last month. We’ve posted screen shots that show you started your new position with the Hogan Administration but now someone is covering those tracks and your profile shows no starting date to for your new appointment. You’re our home-town guy who should have the best interests of Carroll County in mind, right? Perhaps you can help answer a number of troubling questions:

  • What is the true story of why Robin Frazier is getting illegitimate stall tactics from the Hogan administration on her rightful appointment?
  • Why did the Hogan team send three people to Carroll County this week and stand in a closed-door session with 5 members of the Carroll Republican Central Committee, and collaborate with them to break their own rules and violate Roberts Rules of Order as well the MD Constitution? As a protest of that secret meeting, as well as a show of support for Hogan’s call for openness and transparency in the selection process, 4 of the members walked out. Subsequently, in that secret session, additional names were added to an already-finished process on the D5 Senate recommendation.
  • Isn’t it true that the pushback against Robin Frazier and the committee has nothing to do with the election Frazier just lost?
  • getty-screen-shot-Jan23

    Screen shot from Jan 23, 2015. “Since date” has mysteriously changed and is suspiciously vague.

    Isn’t it true that the junior Del. Justin Ready was supposed to win the recommendation of the Central Committee to take the Senate seat but the head count was off – by 1?

  • Is it true that this threw off plans to have the incumbent Ready take on Susan Krebs in 2018?
  • Is it true this scheme was hatched in response to Krebs’ threats last year that she and Doug Howard were going to be running the new power structure in Carroll County and Getty was going to be out?
  • What is the real story? Why are the citizens being treated to crony politics once again, only this time it’s Republican style?
  • Why is Susan Krebs feigning shock and disgust at the Central Committee for doing its job?  Perhaps because she would much rather take on young Ready than Robin Frazier in 2018?
  • Why did Larry Helminiak pressure chairman David Jones to compromise on what he knew was right? Helminiak is part of the MD State Republican party. Why is he playing politics instead of supporting his Central Committee?
  • Why is the Tea Party lining up with the establishment on this instead of the Constitution?
  • Why is Robin Frazier innocently being dragged through the mud and why are Republicans playing the same dirty politics that they accuse Democrats of playing? Could it be that Republicans have no more respect for the MD and US Constitutions than Democrats do? Could it be that nothing has really changed in Maryland but the letter behind the names in charge now?

We urge you, Senator Getty, and call on your experience and great statesmanship to help broker a solution to this sham of a process that leaves many wondering if there’s really been any change in Maryland after all?

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