Rothschild fires back

Rothschild fires back

RichardRothschildHave you noticed the endless stream of negative letters attacking Commissioner Rothschild and supporting an un-vetted write-in candidate?  Has anyone noticed the letters about the write-in candidate share three common characteristics?

First, they are void of meaningful information, just hope and change rhetoric reminiscent of Obama.

Second, most of the letter writers are liberals; and,

Third, the letters usually claim the write-in candidate is a conservative or Republican.  At least one liberal Times columnist also writes this. Why? Keep reading.

Whereas Mr. Lee advises voters to take the time to get informed, but simultaneously prints letters with misinformation, I will endeavor to do the job for him. Easy as one-two -three.

One- the write-in, Mr. Vote Sanity, is a lifelong liberal. He switched parties and is now pretending to be a Republican in hopes of deceiving voters.

Two- I am recognized as a leading Republican statewide. I was first to write a nullification resolution to defend you from bad gun laws, and first official to threaten legal action to stop the Rain Tax. I told the Obama administration, “forget it” when they devised their scheme to transfer illegal aliens into Westminster. Additionally, I’m the most fiscally conservative commissioner with a strong understanding of budget issues because I happen to hold an MBA. In fact, I cut taxes four consecutive years.

Most importantly I understand that District 4 voters don’t want our beautiful county turned into another Gaithersburg. I am one of the strongest defenders of our rural heritage. And by the way Mr. Lee, I am not a developer and have no friends that are developers. Sorry to disappoint you.

Three, I have been endorsed by EllenSauerbrey, Congressman Andy Harris, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, and Dan Bongino.

Why? Because they have seen me defending your freedoms and upholding my oath of office.

Ellen said,

“Richard is a conservative with a backbone.  He understands what made America great and fights tirelessly to preserve the fundamental principles of limited government and personal freedom.  He has demonstrated great courage under fire.”

If re-elected, I will continue to oppose the Godless, socialist, tax-and-spend Agenda of the left, and defend you from ever-increasing government overreach.

If you agree, Vote Richard Rothschild on November 4th.

Also, learn about the conservative BoE candidates, Harmening, Nason, and Roenick at and hear Roscoe Bartlett’s endorsements.

Thanks, and may God Bless You.

Commissioner Richard Rothschild, Unwavering Conservative Leadership

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