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Reprinted from the Northern News

Robin-Frazier-10-5x22-8I am compelled to write about the distinct honor and privilege it has been to work with Commissioner Robin Frazier during her term in office.   Commissioner Frazier is not just a leader, she is a public servant.  In four years she has always acted in a manner that best protects the interests of her constituents and in a way befitting her office.  Integrity is defined as uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character.  That absolutely defines Commissioner Frazier and her supporters.

I will mention here a few things about Commissioner Frazier that are not well known but should be.

Commissioner Frazier made every effort to have all relevant information presented to the Board in open session for maximum transparency; and strove to have all questions be asked and answered in public, before the Board cast its votes.  She endeavored to have open, robust, civil discussion between Board members, rather than the Board simply acting as a rubber stamp for county staff decisions.  These things are the centerpiece of good governance.  We hire our elected leadership to actively manage the county; not just allow it to coast on auto-pilot.  Those who criticize her on these issues must not believe in open and transparent government, perhaps preferring decisions be made behind the scenes and voted on as a technicality?

Commissioner Frazier has taken principled stances on fiscal soundness, individual rights, and just action; she fought for those ideals on a daily basis; and she consistently voted in favor of those values.  She is frequently attacked by government workers who want to grow government; those who believe that the money you earn does not belong to you but to them.  The same tired old manufactured funding crises are trotted out by the usual suspects demanding more spending and more government every year without question.  More spending means more taxes to be collected….from you.  Commissioner Frazier fought every day for Carroll government to be more accountable and thrifty in how it spent your money.  When unemployment and underemployment is high, businesses are closing and people are moving away, more government spending only adds to the problem. Under Commissioner Frazier’s constant pressure several tax reductions were enacted while prudent spending allowed government to do what it had to, but with a little less of your money.

Commissioner Frazier faithfully served her constituents, helping with their concerns and issues and was one of the Commissioners most often working in the office.  She protected Carroll County’s interests and earned respect state wide while serving on the Governor’ Intergovernmental Commission on Agriculture; sitting on the Maryland Association of County’s (MACo) Board of Directors; and serving as the MACo Legislative Representative for Carroll County.

As the MACo representative, she was often asked to testify in Annapolis against legislation that infringed on the rights of Carroll citizens or caused undue financial pressure on the county and citizens.  She talked with legislators on both sides of the aisle that she had come to know during her tenure in the Ehrlich Administration, and discussed with them how counties are impacted by certain legislation, helping to make progress in such areas as the Conowingo Dam dredging.  She was instrumental in forming the Rural Coalition and encouraged the MACo Board to include them as a part of MACo. Today they are making a difference.

Commissioner Frazier went to Annapolis to fight for your rights and your wallet because government is a continuum and nearly everything county government must deal with comes from Annapolis.  Visit  RobinBartlettFrazier.com to read some of her testimony.

Kathy Fuller

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