Press Release

We appreciate the hard work of our attorneys and the Court of Appeals’ time and consideration.  While the Court decided today to allow the ruling of the Carroll County Circuit Court to stand, we await the written decision with interest and hope the Court, in its decision, will finally resolve the constitutional question of central committees’ sending one name versus multiple names to fill a legislative vacancy.  The Court has lifted the injunction and the Central Committee is free to act to send as many or few names as it deems appropriate.  We continue to urge our Committee Chairman to call a meeting so that we can carry out our duty and send the Governor a name to fill the vacant District 5 Delegate seat.

Fuller, et al.

Editor’s note:

Please consider how interesting it is that the Scales of Justice in these United States are represented by a blind-folded woman holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other.   It would seem the sword represents the woman’s willingness to not just think or talk about justice, but her willingness to fight for it.

And along comes this court case – three women demanding our law be upheld by others who seek to pervert it.  They didn’t just think or talk about it, they were ready to fight for it.  They did everything they could within the bounds of the law to demand it be upheld.

When I think of the Scales of Justice from here on out, I think of Kathy, Amy, and Melissa.  KCC and like-minded patriots are forever indebted to you, and we applaud your courage and strength.  May God bless you and your households.  Thank you for all you’ve done.

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