Do You Know The Real Robin Frazier?

For those who only know Robin Frazier via the Carroll County Times, I hope you will read the press release from the Carroll Republican Central Committee (below) and learn more truth about her than the Times will ever print.

While there were many good candidates, Robin Frazier stood out.  She is a highly qualified professional with a broad range of both government and private sector experience and proven conservative leadership skills.  She has experience working with the opposition to find common ground but she does not compromise her Republican principles in the process.

These are some of the things she advocated and voted for over the past four years:

  • for tax cuts every year she was in office
  • for smaller county government with more efficient use of tax dollars
  • for controlled spending on education which matches the continuing drop in county wide student population
  • for less regulations in both county government and from the state
  • to educate county residents on the problems with common core and return control to teachers and parents
  • to stop palm scanning of our students in the schools
  • to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of Carroll County residents
  • to prevent the rain tax from being mandated in Carroll County
  • to provide some small resource for the 20-25% of the student aged population in the county which isn’t in the public school system
  • to get out of the incinerator contract that promised to bankrupt the county
  • to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost to taxpayer of the CATS bus system
  • to keep mass transit out of the county and protect our businesses and homes from the Owings Mills mall syndrome
  • to protect the Commissioners’ right to pray before open session if they wanted to, as guaranteed in Article 36 of the Maryland State Constitution,
Nothing shall prohibit or require the making reference to belief in, reliance upon, or invoking the aid of God or a Supreme Being in any governmental or public document, proceeding, activity, ceremony, school, institution, or place.
Nothing in this article shall constitute an establishment of religion.

I hope that you will read the press release below and learn more about why Robin Frazier is the person recommended to fill Carroll County’s Senate Seat.

Link to open: Carroll County Republican Central Committee Press Release Regarding Robin Frazier

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