Urge County Execs to Continue Support of the Clean Chesapeake Coalition (CCC)

Concerned Carroll Residents: please testify on the need to maintain our county’s participation in the Clean Chesapeake Coalition (CCC).

CleanChesapeakeWHEN:  10AM Thursday Morning   5/21/2015 in the 3rd floor hearing room at 225 N Center Street.

Commissioners Steve Wantz and Richard Rothschild strongly support staying in the CCC.
Frazier definitely opposes.
Weaver has been back and forth.
Howard has been mostly hostile.

BENEFITS of CCC (Your speaking points):

1) CCC: First to identify the pollution and costs coming through the Conowingo Dam.

2) CCC: First to intervene with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and delay relicensing of the Dam until the parties address the pollution and sediment problem in the Conowingo Dam Pool on the north side of the Dam.

3) CCC: First to do calculations that show the futility of stormwater management efforts compared to the huge volume of pollution that come through the dam.

4) The Clean Chesapeake Coalition is our strongest voice in efforts to bring real science; real facts and figures; and real economics to cleanup of the Bay.

5) Without the Clean Chesapeake Coalition, there is no one else to do the research and position papers too refute dishonest claims of radical environmental groups.

6) The Clean Chesapeake Coalition is the only group with the ability to challenge the lawsuit between environmental groups and the EPA.   This lawsuit led to a “CONSENT AGREEMENT” that denied the counties due process.  Carroll received no due-process and is forced to spend tens of millions of dollars to perform under a consent agreement where we had no voice.  It is time to go to federal court and demand the Consent Agreement be challenged under the constitutional argument that the counties were denied due process.

7)  The unchecked radical agendas of the EPA and MDE are two of the greatest threats to our farmers, businesses, and property rights.

8) $25K a year is a small price to pay in order to defend ourselves from regulatory tyranny and mandates that cost us millions.

9)  CCC: Armed Larry Hogan with speaking points that helped defeat Brown in the recent election.

10) Without the CCC, there is little hope for relief from expensive environmental mandates that threaten our ability to fund schools, law enforcement, and infrastructure.

11) Chesapeake Bay Foundation spent $32M last year to promote their radical agenda that lacks any cost-benefit analysis.  The CCC budget is 1/100th of the CBF, yet, the CCC has put the CBF on the defensive, and has been winning mindshare throughout the state.

12) CCC has identified doctored photos that were edited by a Federal Agency, in an apparent attempt to hide the fact that the sediment pollution plume is coming from the Conwingo Dam.


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