Government Unions and Their Candidates Caught In Bed Together?

Here’s evidence suggesting they have been.

Back in June 2014, government unions encouraged their members, who are overwhelmingly registered as democrats, to switch parties and vote for their union-backed candidates who are running as republicans.  Why did they do this?  Why not simply run their candidates as democrats?  The answer is government unions know the people of Carroll overwhelmingly vote for republicans.  They know democrat-party candidates never win in Carroll.  So they figured out they need to run democrats as Republicans.

Here’s an email that doesn’t bode well for them.  Click the picture here to see a full image.

Did you know government unions are working this hard against you – to keep conservative candidates out of races?  Their objective is to elect candidates who will spearhead efforts to unionize Carroll’s government members (against you).

Now that you know what’s going on, we ask you to vote for true Conservatives come November 2014, which is just around the corner.  Your wallet is at stake!  The purpose of this site is to identify true conservatives running in upcoming elections.

Aren’t you fed up with candidates for public office who aren’t what they claim to be?  We sure are!  Don’t vote for democrats running as republicans.



When Unions Back Candidates, Tax-payers Lose

It’s our opinion that when government unions back union-friendly candidates, it’s the tax-payers who lose big-time.  Unfortunately, this is going on in Carroll County right now.

Please check out this story.   When a teacher tries to leave her teacher’s union, she’s bullied and intimidated.   The reason she leaves the union is because she doesn’t like the union’s politics, not one bit.  We at KCC don’t like what they’re up to, either.

From the linked article:

What troubles me is the union is so involved in politics that they use our money to put a lot of those government officials into their jobs. Now the union is bargaining with officials who have been put in their spot by union money, and they’re union-friendly,” she said. “You have union-friendly officials on the other side, and taxpayers aren’t represented, and they’re bargaining with taxpayer money. I think that’s political.

We think it is ridiculous, too.  And it’s the main reason so many states and towns are broke.  They can’t afford all the goodies pro-union government officials gave government union members – ridiculously high salaries, Cadillac benefits, and unrealistic pensions.

If you’re like us, and you don’t like the sound of it, please consider voting for candidates we recommend.

Keep Carroll Conservative supports candidates who are beholden to all citizens, not special-interest groups like government unions.