Who Are We?

Keep Carroll Conservative is a grass-roots organization made up of concerned citizens who reside in Carroll County. We live here because we believe Carroll County stands for less government, lower taxes, great schools, and safe neighborhoods.  And we want it to remain that way.

We know that it’s people, not government, who make – and keep – Carroll the “Switzerland” of Maryland Counties.  (You know Switzerland.  It’s the tiny, conservative Country in Europe that’s currently holding the whole region together.)  We know conservative principles are the only governing principles that have survived the test of time.  It explains why Switzerland is doing so well while all the liberal countries around it are dealing with collapse.

It’s our focus to share the greatness of conservatism; get the best candidates elected to public offices in Carroll County; and keep you informed about the latest goings on in Carroll.

Do you know the greatness of conservatism?  Want to be part of our team?  Fill out our Contact-Us form.  You can also use it to share an inside scoop you may know about happening in Carroll.

What is Conservatism?

Conservatism is a set of guiding principles for an individual or society that are based on facts, science, logic, reason, and thousands of years of human experience. Conservative principles work every time they’re tried.  The United States was founded on Conservative Principles, and they’re what made us the greatest, most prosperous nation the Earth has ever known.

Today, “conservative” may have a negative connotation.  Too many have been led to believe “conservative” means “old, white, angry, bible-toting, red-neck who is uneducated and is resistant to change.”

Would you ask a Pittsburgh Steelers fan to describe a Baltimore Ravens fan?  Or vice-versa?  Of course you wouldn’t. The true fan of one team has a pretty biased and negative opinion of the other.  And so it goes for the conservative.  Unfortunately for us, the other “team” controls most newspapers, elementary schools, high schools, universities, and network news and entertainment programs.  They’ve been able to bombard everyone with misinformation about conservatives for decades.

To prove the point, check out this picture.  Is it accurate?
Most people believe it is accurate.  They also believe a “conservative” is a “right-wing extremist.”  Unfortunately, neither is accurate.

Wrong-thermometerA political spectrum is a “scale” used to measure political ideology, much like a thermometer is a scale that measures temperature. Take a look at the thermometer at left.  Both extremes of the scale are marked with the same term, “very hot” just like the Political Spectrum above has the same term at both ends. Nobody would buy a thermometer labeled “hot” at both ends. Sadly, too many have bought into the notion that “dictatorship” is at both ends of the political spectrum.

A more accurate scale measuring political ideology looks like the one below.   At left of the scale is “100% government control of society,” and at right is “0% government control.”


Today’s conservative is usually referred to as a “right wing extremist.” But conservatives aren’t advocating “no government” (which is at the extreme right end of the scale).  We understand the need for government.

Today’s conservative is actually on the center-right of the spectrum marked by “Founder’s Goal.”  It’s the liberal who is at the extreme left end.  It’s the liberal advocating more and more government control of everything in life.  Just look at how the liberals forced government-run health-care on us.  Why do we need government involved in healthcare? They want to decide how many calories we can eat. What our children can drink.  How many gallons our toilets can flush.  And we could go on and on.

The conservative believes government needs to be limited to its role of protecting the rights of the people – unalienable rights inherent to each individual, not rights that can be voted on or that can be distributed to some people by government.

Ask yourself this question.  What’s the purpose of government?  The conservative believes the purpose of government is to protect individual rights of the citizens. This is spelled out in our Nation’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence.  And we understand the Constitution is our Nation’s “governing” document.  It spells out what roles the Federal government has in our society.  Among these are such functions like the post office, Army/Navy, courts, securing the nation’s boarders, and regulating commerce between the states.  Most everything else is supposed to be left to the States or the people.

Closer to home in Carroll County, here are some of the things we conservatives believe.

  • Tax money should be used to send our children to the school of the parents’ choice, not the government’s.  (At the opposite end of the spectrum, the “liberal” believes tax money should be used to send children to state-run schools, only.)
  • That which we rightfully earned is our property, and the government has no claim to it.  Furthermore, it’s the government’s role to protect our property from thieves and others who might otherwise seek to take or destroy it, including run-away government.
  • Individuals have the right to protect their lives, family, and property with “arms” (not just fire-arms).  The highest law of the land states that we have the right (and responsibility) to KEEP and BEAR arms, and that right is not to be infringed.
  • We understand the need for government.  But, government must be restricted to its proper role.
  • We understand the need for taxation.  But taxes are to support legitimate functions of government as specified by the federal and state constitutions.  Taxation for the purpose of redistributing wealth to a particular constituent group is not a legitimate function of government.
  • The individual knows what’s best for himself, not the government.  We don’t need the government to tell us what the thread-count on our bed sheets should be, or how many watts our light-bulbs are to consume; or how many gallons of water our toilets should use per flush.  We’re smart enough to figure these things out for ourselves.
  • We believe in “Free Markets,” which simply means “people making their own buying choices.”
  • Like families, governments must live within their budgets.  They shouldn’t obligate debt to future generations.
  • A civil-society can not exist without its members having morals.
  • The role of government is not to determine our morals.  We The People get to decide.

Definition-of-conservativeLook up “conservative” in the dictionary, and you’re likely to see the definition shown at right.  The definition is wrong.   Being conservative has nothing to do with being “adverse to change”.   We are quick to make changes but only for the purpose of making something better. Unfortunately, most of the “changes” demanded by liberals today are ideas that have failed every time they’ve been tried throughout history.

Take, for example, a simple issue like the increase in the minimum wage.  Today’s liberal is all for it.  He insists the conservative’s refusal to increase the minimum wage is because we are “adverse to change”. Truth is every time the nation has raised the minimum wage in the past, the same thing happens: inflation and unemployment go UP.

The first thing the liberals did in 2007 after they took control of the US House and Senate was raise the minimum wage. You know what happened next.  Inflation and unemployment have gone up steadily, since.  And the liberals’ solution the the problem they created?  Raise the nation’s minimum wage, again!

The same applies to social issues.  The social issues we’re dealing with today are the same ones societies have been dealing with over the course of humanity’s thousands of years history on Earth.   These are issues like abortion and gay marriage. Sadly, today’s liberal pushes for a position that previous societies have already tried.  The problem is those societies went under after adopting those liberal positions.  Every time!  And today’s liberal believes we need to give those old, regressive, failed social ideas another college-try.  It’s insanity.  Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity?  “Repeating the same behavior but expecting a different result.”

Every time a society moves too far to the left on the political spectrum – even with regard to social issues – that society came crashing down.  What became of Sodom? Gomorrah? Greece?  Rome? And more recently Nazi Germany (in the late 1920’s to 30’s, Germany was the world’s sole “super power”)?

Compare those societies with Switzerland.  It has enjoyed steady economic growth, crazy-low unemployment, and security for hundreds of years because it’s – you guessed it – conservative.

The United States was founded on what today are called conservative principles.  We became the greatest society known to human kind because of them, not because of government.  Not because of liberal or progressive ideas.

thinkingFor us, the illustration at right sums it up.  Today’s liberal is somebody who insists you think like them.  The conservative just wants you to think.

We hope we’ve given you something to think about…

If you have a moment, you really should watch the video below – “A Republic, if You Can Keep It“.  After watching it, ask yourself, are you more closely aligned politically with pro-big-government leftists like Mao, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, and Mussolini? Or are you more closely aligned with others who are pro-constitutional, restrained government – people like Adams, Jefferson, and Washington (all conservatives)?

Well, now you know the truth.  What are you going to do with it?  Here’s a thought – you could share this page with your family and friends.

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