3 Strikes. You’re out, Jack!

batting-imageR1In baseball, normal people know it’s a bad idea to let the batter call his own balls and strikes. Normal people see the need for an umpire. But not the guy who strikes out all the time. He wants to call balls and strikes. He’s  always complaining about the umps.

So it goes with the democrat party in Carroll County. Their ideas keep striking out with intelligent Carroll voters at the ballot box. And they complain so loudly about our terrific umpires like Richard Rothschild and Robin Frazier. Do democrats learn from their failures at the plate? Do they re-think their ideas?

Ha! Of course not.

What they do is instruct their candidates to switch from Democrat to Republican Party, and they tell voters what they want to hear, not what they plan to do once in office.  They tell us what “nice guys” their candidates are, never focusing on meaningful accomplishments, presumably because there are none.

Sadly the democrat-loving Carroll County Times jumps on the bandwagon. How many letters to the editor have been published telling us Richard Rothschild’s write-in opponent is a nice guy?

Richard Rothschild and Robin Frazier are two exceptional Carroll County Commissioners that have done so much good for the county. They’ve fought the good fight of lowering taxes and defending our individual liberties. Do Carroll residents pay the stupid Rain Tax? NO! Thank you commissioners Rothschild and Frazier. They led that charge.

Rothschild and Frazier have been terrific stewards of the people’s treasury. They opposed subsidized housing projects and mass-transit from Baltimore. They fought to slow urbanization of our county.  They fought to give parents choice when it came to educating their children.

It seems to me that democrats desire their pro-government-union comrades elected into public office.  Government-union plants in charge of the people’s treasury?  That’s the batter calling his own balls and strikes. It’s a bad idea. Strike that. It’s a very, VERY bad idea.

On November 4th, I’m proudly voting for Richard Rothschild in district 4. I’m encouraging neighbors to do the same. I’m also encouraging family and friends in District 1 to write-in Robin Frazier; and in District 5, I’m encouraging friends to write-in a true patriot’s name, Cathey Allison.

There is one democrat running for office I support – Vince Pacelli for Sheriff. He’s accomplished and, to the best of my knowledge, not backed by a government union.


Patrick DiNenna
20-year Carroll Tax-Payer
Winfield, MD

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